This Bag will Keep you Alive for a LONG time

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In todays video we build an affordable bug out bag that will still be able to withstand the elements and give you some good capability in the field. You can spice it up in any way you like. Its a lightweight and discreet build that is a great platform for a beginner. Although this is not my primary pack it certainly is a great backpack or for me to give to a family member.
NOTE: FOOD and WATER is not included in this kit, you will want to keep some space in your pack for these items. The purpose of this video is to show you the indispensible tools. In my main bug out bag shown here ( a big part of the pack is water and food.


THE BACKPACK (Any old pack will do, the one in the video is from walmart and cost $15) here is a link to something a bit more durable.

Cutting tool


550 Paracord

F-180 Folding Saw


Glow stick
Get at a local dollar store

Get at a local dollar store

Jute twine



Wool Blanket (80%)

Wool Blanket (90%)

Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket

Emergency Bivvy

Shower curtain
Get at local dollar store

Get at local dollar store


Rain poncho
Get at local dollar store


Nalgene stainless steel bottle


Emergency Radio

Transceiver (NOT IN VIDEO)

Chargetab Battery (Single charger for cell phone)


Toilet Paper Tablets (Or just use normal toilet paper)

Dental floss
Get at local store

Adventure Medical kit .9 (premade but you can always make your own)

Get at local store

Get at local store

Get at local store

Esbit stove
Esbit stove

Having The Right Stuff When You Need It Most

An emergency situation readiness set is the most effective method to ensure a person awaits any type of kind of disaster. Food is one of the chief items that should be included in these sets, and also the current world scenario demands that individuals purchase disaster packages to give whatever they will require in times of need. Supermarket only supply enough food to provide neighborhood populaces with food for about 3 days. In case of a nationwide disaster such as nuclear strike or jeopardized gas supplies, they will be incapable to provide the items that are required for basic survival. These occurrences expand most likely every day, and emergency food materials are the clever means for a person to be ready.

Blood Warming Products: Choosing the Best IV Warmer

When you think about client care, an intravenous (IV) liquid warmer is not one of the very first points that enter your mind, however it must be. Throughout clinical history, IV mixtures have actually normally been provided cold, also as the risks of doing so were well known:

Medical IV Supplies for Hypothermia Prevention

Unintentional hypothermia is a common problem among medical people. If left unsolved, it can boost the risk of heart apprehension and also the infection of surgical lacerations. In enhancement to weather exposure, the complying with things frequently create hypothermia …

Choosing an IV Fluid Warming System: Frequently Asked Questions

An acquainted and important facet of treatment is the administration of intravenous (IV) mixtures, but just providing infusions is inadequate to secure a patient’s heath. Before management, infusions need to be heated. Otherwise, clients can experience hypothermia, or have an existing case of hypothermia worsened.

IV Bag Warmers Help Emergency Medical Services With Injured Victims

In a 1995 study on unintended hypothermia in injury clients, researchers explored whether hypothermia pertains to pre-hospital emergency situation treatment. After examining 302 injury people, they found almost fifty percent of them endured from hypothermia. Published in the journal Anaesthesist in 1995, the study wrapped up that hypothermia is certainly appropriate to pre-hospital emergency treatment.

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