Transitioning to a Cold Weather Survival/Camping Pack | ON Three

Now that the weather is cooling down (or already cold depending on how far north your are), it’s time to build out a more comprehensive survival kit. Join Jason as he moves to a larger bag with more options for staying warm.

Sleep System:
Big Agnes Insulated Q Core Sleeping Pad –
Big Agnes Anvil Horn Sleeping Bag –
Gortex Bivvy Bag Cover –

Silky Big Boy –
Camp Axe –

Marina Wool Leggings –
Marina Wool Top –

Helikon-Tex Poncho –

GRAYL Water Bottle/Filter –

Camelback Maximum Gear Pack –

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Mayan Calendar End Times 2012 – Is the End of the World Near?

The Mayan calendar ends in 2012, yet what does that mean for the mankind? Unless you have remained in a cavern somewhere without any accessibility to internet or television then you understand that there has been a growing worry over what the Mayan schedule ending ways and does it suggest the world is mosting likely to end?

Survival Night Test Drive

Order your emergency sets, camping tent, water as well as MREs and make it an emergency situation survival night. If you locate the tooth brush as well as toothpaste really did not make it into your survival sets; you’ve made an important discovery. Currently, when your home takes a flight down the side of the hill in a landslide you won’t need to stress over morning breath as you grab the pieces.

How to Survive Doomsday 2012 – Get Ready to Survive Doomsday 2012

Do you desire to know just how to endure doomsday 2012? As Hollywood continues to make flicks regarding 2012 doomsday concepts, more as well as even more people are finding out concerning these concepts they are obtaining afraid of what is mosting likely to happen in the future. For many individuals it is the suggestion of the unknown that really scares them, they have no idea what to believe or do about the 2012 end of the globe predictions so they begin to worry. Keep reading to find out just how to make it through 2012.

Survival and Emergency Tips

There are few points to keep in mind in times of emergency situation, and also it is finest if you are constantly prepared since you can not inform when such emergency scenario strikes you. This write-up identifies few helpful suggestions in survival and emergency scenarios.

Life Saving Water Rations

Better than mineral water. Faucet water consists of on average simply two bacteria per milliliter, whereas some mineral waters can include as much as 188,000 bacteria in the very same amount. According to celeb detoxification master Dr Nish Joshi, not only do microorganisms and also bacteria get in mineral waters at source, yet also the procedure of bottling them, especially in plastic containers, offers a reproduction ground for germs. So following time you grab an additional bottle of water, reconsider. You may currently have had enough.

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