Trauma Kits for SHTF: Skinny Medic

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We talked to Skinny Medic about what you need to have on hand for a Fully Equipped Trauma Kit at Home or in your vehicle and the Basic IFAK Trauma Kit.

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Survival – Being Prepared For an Earthquake

Many natural disasters come with predictable times and adequate development warning to finish. Not so with earthquakes. All you can do is prepare beforehand and also attempt not to worry when one strikes.

Thriver: The Hunter

Since the dawn of world, up till the discovery of oil, guy has needed to depend on searching as well as celebration for nutrition and survival. The development of power as well as technical developments within the last seventy-five years has shifted guy’s focus away from these natural jobs. We, as a contemporary country, have pertained to depend practically totally on a third-party system to supply us our foods.

How To Preserve Fish As A Survival Food

SMOKE-CURING has actually been utilized to protect fish by individuals of all societies since prior to the dawn of taped background. Today the majority of people smoke fish for texture and flavour rather than smoking for conservation as prevails in less industrialized countries where transport and climate extremes may be a variable. Conservation can be completed by very first reducing the flesh into thin strips and after that drying them gradually over a fire – or in the sunlight in northern environments. Fish preserved in this means is an excellent source of healthy protein when outdoor camping, hiking or searching.

Factors To Consider When You Are Choosing Your Survival Supplies

There is an old hunter’s axiom that any kind of pet needs “food, water, and cover” to endure. The very same can be said for us humans too and also with us you most likely require to include garments and equipment to the checklist. Without those 5 items, your chances of surviving a situation or catastrophe over an extended period of time are most likely non-existent!

How to Protect Yourself By Learning From The Mistakes Of Others

Are you serious concerning finding out just how to safeguard yourself – regarding resisting the sort of violence that you can’t also envision? Are you making use of finding out sources that may be around you – sources that can educate you as much, otherwise even more about just how to safeguard yourself than the majority of the fighting styles and also self-defense programs out there?

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