VIDEO: The Importance of Layering Your Preps and Equipment with Caches

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In this video, you’ll meet our new video contributor, Jason Salyer. Jason has years of experience as a professional strength and conditioning coach, working with everyone from college athletes to Naval Special Operations. He’s also an avid camper, hunter, fisherman, and general outdoorsman. If that isn’t enough, he also frequently heads out for long-distance dual-sport motorcycle trips, where his improvisation and survival skills are honed.

We’ve shared other content that talks about layering your everyday carry gear, but in this video, Jason discusses the importance of having other supplies spread out over multiple locations. While having equipment and provisions spread out over your property is a great idea, storing something off-site is a great way to ensure you’ll have something to fall back on if disaster strikes.

Here he covers everything from survival equipment to clothing and offers some suggestions for what to pack and how to pack it. If a disaster struck and your property was totally destroyed, a cache like this could make a huge difference. After you watch the video, let us know what you think about this style of layering your supplies across multiple locations.

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