Watch This Before Buying a Freeze Dryer Vacuum Pump — Comparing All 4 Freeze Dryer Pumps

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We finally have the opportunity to put review all 4 Harvestright freeze dryer vacuum pumps side by side. We review the low profile oil free pump, the upright oil free pump, the premier oiled pump and the standard pump included with all freeze dryers. We give general dimensions, specs like weight and CFM rating, we compare the power consumption of all of these pumps using a kill-a-watt meter that measures wattage and amps. I also give the pros and cons of each vacuum pump and give my favorite vacuum pump and my least favorite. Before you make your decision on which vacuum pump to buy, watch this video.

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Freeze Dryer Review & Comparison playlist:

Low Profile Oil Free Pump video:

Upright oilless pump review:

3 pump comparison:

Premier pump review vs. standard pump:

Kill a watt meter (measures electricity usage)

Pyle Decibel Meter:

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