Watch this BEFORE you Buy a Freeze Dryer! HARVESTRIGHT Freeze Dryer Review After 3 years

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I have owned a Harvestright Freeze Dryer for more than 3 years now. You might want to watch this video BEFORE you buy a freeze dryer. I wanted to make a review video of my experience after 3 years. Many of the pros and cons are explained in this review. First off, you need to decide what size freeze dryer is right for you (small, medium, large) Also, many of the problems I had 3 years years ago, have been resolved in the newest version of the Freeze dryer. I also go over pump selection and go into detail, a comparison of the standard pump vs. the premier pump, with pros and cons of those as well. I also show how much noise the freeze dryer makes by measuring the decibels of sound made by each vacuum pump. I have had a very good experience overall with my Harvestright Freeze dryer, and if you are consider purchasing one, make sure that you know everything covered in this video.

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If you are thinking of buying freeze dryer, support the freeze drying community and purchase through us! It helps keep this Youtube content coming!

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