Watch Your Freeze Dryer 24/7 Freeze Dryer Wi-fi Camera Setup Under $50

Howdy all! Do you ever feel like you are checking on your freeze dryer constantly? I have figured out a way to check on your freeze dryer 24/7 via a Wi-fi camera setup for under $50. The ReoLink E1 Pro camera can do all of the functions the more expensive cameras can, like infrared, night vision, panning up and down, left and right, recording, screenshots, timestamp, movement notifications etc……BUT….it does it for $49. I have been using this for the last few cycles of freeze drying and once you get used to this, you will never look back. Now you can check on your freeze dryer while you are at work, sitting in your recliner or before you get out of bed. One of the best features is being able to set up a phone notification when your freeze dryer screen changes. That means when your freeze dryer goes into the final dry or has completed, it sends a message to your phone with an alert. This also means that if for some reason, you have an error or problem during the cycle, it will send a notification for that as well. I also show my impromptu camera stand for the Reolink E1 Pro.

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