What Knife Is Currently In Your Pocket?

Just thought it’d be cool to do a quick survey of what knife everybody’s carrying at this present moment, so:

Which knife or (let’s be honest – with a lot of you that’ll be) knives*, are you currently EDC-ing?

If you’ve got two in your pocket, list ’em. If you’ve got one in your bag & one in your pocket, list ’em and state where each is housed. Want to go a bit more into detail in your comment? Tell me:

  • How long that knife has been in your pocket?
  • Whether it’s your favourite EDC or just something you happen to be carrying at the moment?
  • Your overall impressions of the knife; would you recommend it?

edc-knife-currently-in-your-pocketSpyderco Manix 2 Folding Knife – Amazon / Blade HQ

I’ll go first:

Since I have no pockets (okay, I do have a couple in the back, but they’re exceptionally pathetic woman-sized pockets with no room for anything besides a tissue or two), I’ll just go right ahead and pretend we’re talking about what I carry in my purse, which would be:

  1. The Spyderco Roadie
  2. The Opinel No. 5

I carry the Opinel in the little Maxpedition pouch that never leaves my purse (you can see what else I stuff in there here), and I carry the Roadie as a main EDC in the zippered pocket in my purse so it’s easy to access and doesn’t get buried under my other stuff. No, I don’t have two knives in my purse because I need to have two (especially since they’re similar knives and roughly the same size), I have two in there because I’m a forgetful person and worry that if I don’t have a backup knife in a spot that’s hard to get, I’ll one day when I need one be without a knife completely. With the Opinel always in there, if I forget to put my Roadie back in my purse after using it, I’m still good to go. And yes, if  you’re wondering, forgetting my main EDC has happened to me on occasion before – like I said, I’m forgetful.

How long have I been EDC-ing these two? I think a good year. Are they my favourite knives? Hell no, but they’re probably my favourite UK-legal knives to take around with me. Handy little slip joints, with the Roadie being quite cute/quirky and the Opinel being probably the least threatening knife known to man.

Yes, we live in the UK, and we’re limited in what we can carry out, but it’s not so bad. Plenty of great knives on the market that fit the UK legal criteria. And I can carry whatever I want (always the Sage 1always) at home.

spyderco-roadie-edc-pocket-knifeSpyderco Roadie Tiny Slip Joint Folding EDC Knife – Amazon / Blade HQ

And now Thomas’ turn –

As a byproduct of reviewing so many knives, I do rotate considerably. At home, I am currently rocking the Kershaw Shuffle II, the CQC-10K (just ‘cos I love it so much) and the Spyderco UKPK. I choose what I feel like in the moment from my knife drawer, and these have come up the most recently.

I have a CRKT Journeyer in the bag I carry with me. It’s everywhere legal and cheap enough that I don’t care if I lose it.

I switch knives more or less every other day. My knife drawer is full of steel “to be reviewed” and I alternate whenever the mood takes me.

Now it’s your turn – what knife is in your pocket?

Edit: Interested in seeing a compilation post of the knives mentioned in the comments section of this article? Check that out here.

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