72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge | Part 3

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Jason and Dustin survived another night of the 72 Hour Wazoo Survival Challenge! Surprisingly, they were able to stay warmer last night even though it was colder weather. Jason utilized the “Hot Rock” very effectively tucking a fire-heated rock behind his knees to keep his lower extremities warmer.

Continuing to explore the land around them while gathering water from the nearby river. Dustin also stresses the importance of redundancies in your kit, especially with items like water purification.

Jason also took a moment to discuss the clothing he chose to pack and the importance of quality clothing in a survival situation.

For food, Jason is taking full advantage of the “plane crash” scenario but snacking on the Snack Packs provided on his flight out to Colorado. Additionally, Jason makes an attempt to catch some fish in the nearby stream using the fishing kit supplied in the Wazoo Survival kits. But first, Jason has to construct a fly fishing style lure with which to fish.

Dustin also fashions some incredibly fashionable socks out of one of his layered t-shirts to pair with his sandals.

Only one very cold night left before the crew can start wrapping up their 72-hour Wazoo Survival Challenge!

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Another Near Miss – Someday Our Luck Will Run Out With Large Asteroids Passing By

Not long back, we were having a discussion at our Assume Tank concerning the number of near planet or comet misses out on that mankind required to wake up to the fact that human beings need to utilize their huge brains to create a Planetary Defense System simply in instance the large one comes and it is on a straight clash. “Remember the Dinosaurs” was our major debate right here. Speak of which, we just had yet an additional near miss out on, by a mongo asteroid in October of 2010.

When The Bubble Bursts, Will You Be Prepared?

When we believe in terms of survival, typically we think of many things that could occur that we need to be prepared for. Tornadoes, earthquakes, typhoons, floods, fire. Indeed these are necessary to consider and get ready for. However have you assumed regarding the economic instability, political instability, high crime and of course, economic collapse bringing martial regulation into area? Much of the well well-known economic experts feel that this year or the very first of next year the bubble will certainly break! We are being told that the economy is reversing, however in our hearts we recognize this is not so.

Liquid Loss During Canning

Summer is waning and also most preppers are in the process of removing their location of any kind of edible fruit and vegetables at this time. Their objective is to ice up or can their harvest for usage in the winter season months. The only problem here is that several times as you begin tinning your food that includes liquids such as soup you will likely experience some form of fluid loss. There are a variety of rational explanations for this problem.

Hamming It Up in an Emergency

Acquiring a pork radio permit can help you substantially throughout those times of grim emergency situations. It matters not if the catastrophe is small or a national disaster the value of the ham driver’s skills is invaluable. The FCC marks various frequency bands for usage according to what class of certificate you might hold. The greater the permit class the much more regularities you have the benefit of connecting on.

Black Out

Do you bear in mind the last black out or power blackout? Was it cool dreary and also wet? Or warm and moist? Despite the weather, I make certain you want you might have done points in different ways.

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