Do I need a Door Pillow in my Harvestright Freeze Dryer?

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Ah, the age old question. To pillow or not to pillow? Harvestright has stopped sending door pillows with their freeze dryers because there were just too many problems with user error. It was causing vacuum problems and what I would imagine to be a BIG headache for Harvestright.
Their Solution: YOU DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE and we are not giving you one!
Do I need a Door Pillow in my Harvestright Freeze Dryer? I have been running mine without an insulation pad for a few weeks now to see if i can notice a difference. To be honest, I don’t think it’s a big enough difference to note. The vacuum chamber door is so thick, I’m not sure that a small insulation pillow would make much of a difference. I ran 2 identical tests with identical pumps, identical weight, and identical variables. Watch the video to see what my opinion is.

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