Liberator Rocket Stove — Hyper Efficient, USA Made Wood Burning Stove / Mass Heater

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Rocket Heaters by Liberator LLC are the most economical wood stove to have ever been put on the market to date. Its design is a direct descendent to rocket mass heating technology. It uses 1/4 to 1/3 the wood a typical wood stove uses and can burn multiple types of fuel sources including tree limbs and large sticks and now pellets with the available upgraded pellet hopper. It’s also UL Listed and 50 state legal as well as EPA approved. It’s one of the cleanest burning wood stoves in existence. They are 100% USA made and ship for free! In this video I am doing an unboxing, review of the stove and a test burn. I have also included dimensions and weight to see if this stove will fit your application. This stove also applies for this tax credit!

To see what LIBERATOR has to offer:

The folks at liberator were kind enough to extend their thanks for your interest in this video by giving you 5% off your order by using the coupon code — livelifesimple

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