HARVESTRIGHT FREEZE DRYER HACKS Vol. 3–Moisture Meter, Corner Tray stackers, Meat tenderizer etc.

WE’RE BACK! with Harvestright Freeze Dryer Hacks Volume 3
Below you will find shortcuts, tips, tricks and products that will make your freeze drying experience easier and smoother!

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HACK #1) General MMD4E Moisture Meter:

HACK #2) Meat Tenderizer:

HACK #3) purchase an extra set of trays and help out our channel, use our affiliate link:

HACK #4 & 5) Corner tray stackers & Oxygen Absorbers

HACK #6) Harbor Freight Cart:

HACK #7) blue silicone molds

turquoise molds:

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The Economic Collapse of 2013 and How It Will Affect You

This indicators that we will certainly one day speak about “The Economic Collapse of 2013” are definitely enhancing, and even more individuals than simply enjoy “End ofthe world Preppers” are beginning to question how it will influence them. There are 2 main factors for the increased concerns that we will experience a financial collapse in 2013. The very first reason is the financial situation in Europe and also in Japan.

Should You Buy an Emergency Generator for Electrical Power Outages?

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