Can Freeze Dried Soil Revolutionize Agriculture, Erosion Control and Save Our Planet?

The many opportunities of Freeze Dried Soil!
We freeze dried 2 high quality soil samples and sent them off to a lab to compare soil health. I divided a high quality compost into 2 samples. The first sample was the control sample and nothing was changed or altered before sending to a lab for analyzation. The second sample was freeze dried. Freeze drying removes all water in the sample and turns it into ice on the freeze dryer chamber walls. When that ice thawed, I sent the water that was removed to an expert to determine whether or not the water that was removed, contained much, if any, important microbial life or bacteria from the sample. The freeze dried compost was then rehydrated with distilled water as to not add any false readings and then sent along with the 1st sample as “sample B.”
When we received the results back from Soil Food Web (An accredited lab in New York), I sat down with an expert in living soil applications, Jeff Polfer from Earth Brew For Life. Jeff explained how freeze drying the soil samples did not affect the microbial or bacterial life in the samples much and how this could provide new opportunities for sustainable agriculture and reducing the carbon footprint of food production. I truly believe that quality freeze dried soil can change the way we grow our food and improve our water quality and usage. This video was several years in the making, I hope this spawns new ideas for applications and I hope you enjoy the video!

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