Chainsaw Safety | Basic Operation | Episode 6 | Forest to Farm

In Episode 6 of the Chainsaw Safety series, Brian and Scott discuss proper safe starting and operation of a chainsaw including the risks of air starting. Tune in now so you avoid making these chainsaw starting and operating mistakes!

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Importance of Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers, in combination with smoke detectors are generally the most typical fire avoiding products that a majority of home owners in America possess, also in various other areas around the world. Those fire truck were available in lots of measurements in order to make certain that any person can use them. The larger sizes are generally found inside your house as well as business or organization establishments while the light-weight ones will certainly also be both in the house and also where you can bring them such as in your family members vehicle.

Survival Preparation – To Bug Out or To Bug In?

Similar to many preppers I wonder if I should take into consideration pestering out when the spunk hits the follower or staying put as well as protecting the location I go to. This dilemma has been discussed a numerous sometimes by several a doomsday preppers. The concern really comes down to this.

Stun Guns for Sale – How Do They Work?

Crazy Voltage! 100,000 volts? 300,000? 4.5 million volts? Quit your assailant in his tracks!

Pepper Shot Pepper Spray – How Does It Work?

Lugging some sort of personal protection supply is needed for several factors. Pepper spray is a non dangerous and really easy to use way of keeping some defense close by.

A Senior Citizen Self Defense Course Should Include The Proper Use Of Pepper Spray

Self-defense courses are a wonderful concept for any type of senior. However I assume any type of course training senior citizens self protection ought to also include the proper use of pepper spray.

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