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When a copperhead’s coloration is perfect, it is almost invisible. When on the ground, hiding under leaf litter, these copperheads are undetectable. No matter how dark it is, they are able to hit their targets, using only their sense of heat. They have a hemotoxic venom, which means it damages red blood cells, making it more likely to get you, but it is unlikely to be anything other than a minimal dose or even nothing at all.
But what happens if a copperhead were to bite you? What’s going to happen is that several symptoms will appear.
If it is a dry bite, nothing’s going to happen other than just a little bit of pain from the initial bite. But if it does get you, you are going to get the following symptoms:

-Some bruising around the bite area
-Heart-rate increase; and
-A drop in blood pressure (which has been known to cause people to pass out)

Take off any rings you may have on your filter, because your fingers might swell when you get bitten. You could lose a finger.
Getting to medical treatment quickly will minimize the likelihood of long-term complications, and will improve your chances of surviving. There are no certain indications or symptoms associated with a copperhead bite, so do not wait to see what happens if you are bitten.
The Copperhead’s unique markings make it easily identifiable. It is not hard to distinguish the difference between a copperhead and a non-venomous type snake that has similar patterns.
Copperheads have a diamond-shaped head with prominent jowls, venom glands, and eyes that are that weird reddish-copper color. They give out a certain don’t-mess-with-me vibe.
Copperheads fit in really nicely with the leaf litter. You will never notice, even when they’re sitting right next to you. If you do not step on them, they will leave you alone.
They also move towards the shade when it becomes hot, seeking out the heat. They will be active during the night.
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