Freeze Dried Corn on the Cob — IOWA SWEET CORN YEAR ROUND!

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Why would I want to waste my time on freeze dried corn? I live in Iowa, arguably the corn capital of the US. Every July and August there are 100’s of vendors with the juiciest, tastiest varieties of Iowa sweetcorn known to man. One problem….it doesn’t have a very long shelf life and it’s only available to buy for about a month every year. UNTIL NOW! I am freeze drying 100 ears of Iowa Sweetcorn that will last for 20+ years. Now I can enjoy my sweetcorn even after the snow flies! I also had the idea of rehydrating this with a butter/ water combo and a little salt and pepper. THIS WAS LIFE CHANGING for me. Try some for yourself, freeze dried corn is awesome! It brings out the natural sugars in the corn and if you snack on it in the freeze dried state, it’s just as tasty.

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Rescue Stretchers – The Early Beginnings of the Modern Evacuation Chair

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