From Kitchen Scraps to Worm Compost: Making Vermicompost with the Worm Factory 360

Red wiggler worms are nature’s composting machines. Compost from worms is called vermicompost and it’s known to be one of the richest forms of soil there is. Vermicompost is full of microorganisms, fungi and good bacteria.
With a product called the Worm Factory 360, you can make your own vermicompost. The Worm Factory 360 uses an upward migrating system that can be continuously rotated, which makes it easy to harvest nutrient rich soil.
It allows you to turn your household food waste into valuable vermicompost and when you have healthy soil, you have happy plants that produce better quality food and bountiful yields.

To find the Worm Factory 360 and other vermicompost products, visit Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm:

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