How to Make a FREEZE DRIED CHEESEBURGER– w/ Raw Ground Beef

This video goes in detail on how to make a freeze dried cheeseburger, a freeze dried hamburger and the entire freeze drying process. I start with 8 pounds of ground beef, we put 3 lbs. into a large freeze dryer tray and use our tray dividers to cut them into 1/3 lb. hamburgers. We are also doing 1/3 lb. burgers that will be cooked on the grill, freeze dried and then rehydrated using beer, pickle juice, water and beef broth. Freeze drying allows you to infuse the cheeseburger with all types of different flavors. Freeze dried meat can last 5, 10 even 15 years in some circumstances and having a 1/3 lb. freeze dried cheeseburger patty with no refrigeration is incredible!

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How to Locate Safe Drinking Water

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