IR Night Vision Binoculars for how much?

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In this video Denny & Chris review the Mileseey BNV20 IR night vision binoculars.

Here’s how we scored it:

1) Shipping time: 5/5
2) Packaging: sturdiness, appearance, ease of opening : 5/5
3) Website description accuracy : 9/10
4) Product appearance/aesthetics: 9/10
5) Easy to understand instructions: 9/10
6) Ease of use: 8/10
7) Warranty coverage: 9/10
8) Overall quality & value: 10/10
9) Product support & customer service: 14/15
10) Point of origin: 0/15

Sub-total: 78/100


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NOTE: We use the same criteria for all reviews so the results are relative to each other when comparing products. We show extreme prejudice in favoring American made products and make no apologies for it.

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