Is the FLATED Truck Topper Worth the $$$ — Review, Road Test & Pros and Cons

The Flated Truck Topper is something I have had my eye on ever since I saw them on Shark Tank. As with most new tech, I decided to wait until they were out for a while before purchasing, so the company has a chance to fix bugs and dial in the design. The newest generation of Flated toppers is much better than the last, with many new improvements including rain flaps over the windows, individual air compartments, an improved tailgate fastening system. There are also several other things that will make this less expensive and totable topper option more desirable for people looking for a camper shell, a cargo hauler or a part time topper. I am very excited to put this topper to work in the coming months and keep you updated. Until then, in this video we will do an unboxing, a setup and install, a durability test and a road test. After driving with this installed for about 100 miles, I also give the pros and cons of my experience so far.

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