Making Freeze Dried HOT Peppers! — Carolina Reapers, Jalapenos & Anaheim

Today we are making freeze dried HOT peppers. My kids convinced me to plant lots of hot peppers in our garden and then they didn’t label what they were. I think their main objective was just to torture me with hot peppers. We are doing freeze dried Carolina Reapers, Freeze dried jalapenos and Freeze dried Anaheim peppers. We are creating the soon to be famous Carolina Reaper Powder, dime sliced jalapenos and diced Anaheim peppers ready to add to recipes. As far as I’m concerned, freeze dried hot peppers are more concentrated than a plain old hot pepper, but after a certain amount of burn, it’s a bit hard to tell. The process of dicing, freeze drying and powdering these hot peppers is enough to make a grown man cry and don’t forget to:
1) wear safety gear to protect your eyes, nose and mouth
2) work in a well ventilated area (it stays air born)
3) wash or throw away anything this comes into contact with

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Exactly What Will Happen In 2012 And Will You Be Prepared For It?

There can be little doubt that something will happen in 2012 that will certainly transform civilization as we understand it. While some anticipate the complete damage of the earth, others see wars, major disasters and tragic events happening. Lots of people are doubters and will certainly not do anything when the day arrives, yet right here are some points to think about.

How Can I Survive 2012? – Surviving In The Face Of Disaster

No person understands specifically what will happen on December 21, 2012, however we can be sure that there will be major modifications on our world. If you’re asking yourself, “How can I endure 2012?” there is no simple solution. If the earth’s electro-magnetic field reverses, as some have predicted, all life on the planet will die. Yet if there are calamities, battles as well as catastrophes, there is an excellent possibility of survival for several of us. Some forecast that the disaster may even offer means to a brand-new age for mankind.We do not recognize what’s mosting likely to take place, but the least we can do is be prepared. Here are some points you can do to survive 2012.

Fire Prevention Tips

It is really vital that you understand the fundamentals of fire prevention especially with regards to your residential property and also within your own house. It is a great suggestion that one or more participants of your family members knows how to put out a fire when it takes place. Apart from that, everybody inside the house need to recognize exactly how to stop a fire.

Tips on How To Avoid Fire Accidents

Fire is just one of the leading sources of home injury in addition to associated fatalities within a neighborhood. They remove residential property in addition to the lives of many people. Fire avoidance must be complied with to stay clear of crashes within the neighborhood.

Avoiding Fire Accidents

To avoid fire, here are some safety nets to maintain your residence secure specifically if you have kids inside your house. Make sure that you light candles just when you are around. Blow them off if you are not around.

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