NEW “Locking” Freeze Dryer Tray Stackers — Freeze Dryer Accessories for HARVESTRIGHT Freeze Dryers

Today’s video shows our NEW “Locking” Freeze Dryer Tray Stackers. We are adding this to our arsenal of Freeze Dryer Accessories for HARVEST RIGHT Freeze Dryers. These are improved on the previous version because these stackers “lock” onto your freeze dryer pan and prevent them from slipping off. Stack your trays with confidence with our new sturdier design. Compatible with Tray Dividers, Silicone, Parchment etc. (not included)
Use these tray stackers for pre-freezing your food to save money, space and have the freeze dryer ready for the next batch! These are food grade and made in the USA! Also dishwasher safe! Get multiple sets to stack as high as you have room for. The stacker adds 1/2″ of height to the top of the tray (example 5 trays makes a stack 5 1/2″ tall)

To order yours and to see lots of other Freeze Dryer Accessories, go to our store:

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3 Reasons to Buy Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

If you have ever taken part in a fire drill or if you have ever been in a genuine fire emergency, you would certainly recognize that during a fire outbreak, every second counts. Time is of great value that even a few small secs can mean the distinction in between life and fatality. Suppliers of fire extinguishers are also well mindful of this fact. This is why, they aim to make developments ablaze safety and security gadgets that will certainly add to the benefit as well as convenience of use of the item.

Your Ultimate Guide on Water Fire Extinguishers

If you rate fire extinguishers according to age, the water fire extinguisher would probably be the earliest amongst every one of them. This extinguisher, that makes use the oldest found extinguishing agent, continues to be to be one of the most prominent tools for dealing with fire although there are extra modern fire extinguishers that are available in the marketplace today.

Car Fire Extinguisher – Don’t Leave Home Without it

Most individuals are content with having fire extinguishers in their homes as well as office without realising that there is still another place where they need to mount this dependable fire safety device. The automobile is also an area that needs fire extinguisher setup. Car owners should know that the car might also be prone to fire crashes as well as that they need the right fire extinguisher to avoid damage and also injuries that may be caused by this sort of case.

How to Stay Fit For Defense!

Currently being fit is something I think is genuinely essential. I don’t imply you have to be pumped up like Arnold, but you do require some type of physical conditioning if you intend on maintaining on your own risk-free from would certainly be aggressors. So below is what I offer.

Your Home Should Be Prepared For Natural Disaster Before it Hits You

If you own a building, it is essential for you to secure your home or structure from any kind of kind of all-natural calamities. Real, catastrophic occasions such as fire flooding earthquake, hurricane, typhoon or various other kinds of natural catastrophes may have a very little chance of happening to you. But many individuals disregarded the problems it can inflict to their residential or commercial property till it strikes them.

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