Olight Seeker 3 Pro | September 2021 Flash Sale

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Seeker 3 pro

1. Max output of 4,200 lumens, 31% higher than the Seeker 2 Pro.
2. Press or rotate the highly integrated rotary knob switch to quickly access different output levels.
3. Intuitive indicators dashboard for clearly revealing the battery and brightness levels.
4.Built-in thermal and proximity sensors to protect against overheating or obstruction.
5. Stylish dermatoglyphic silicone wrap with finger grooves makes it soft and nonslip to grip.
6. Customized 5000mAh battery extends the max runtime to 15 days.
7. The MCC3 magnetic charging cable allows for up to 2A charging current. Get full charged for 3.5 hours
8. Gets locked out automatically after 30 seconds of non-operation. Rotate the knob switch over 90 degrees to unlock it

1.Olight first compact and foldable COB+LED work light
2.Function as floodlight and spotlight: COB module producing a broad beam for area illumination, while LED delivering a focused and farther beam
3.Max 400-lumen output and 90-hour runtime
4.180° adjustable clip-style stand make it possible to adjust the beam angle to match various needs
5.Three heavy-grip magnets inside can firmly attach onto any iron surfaces for convenient hands-free uses
6.Clip-style hook, easy to carry or hang on a backpack, tent, branch, ect.
7.Glow-in-the-dark Strip around the panel, allows you to quickly locate the swivel in the dark

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