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About Rob Braxman (in his own words):

I’m the Internet Privacy Guy. I’m a public interest hacker and technologist. I use my extensive knowledge of cybersecurity and tech to serve the public good. I care about privacy. I warn you of digital manipulation, disinformation, mass surveillance.

I also discuss alternative communication modes especially with a prepper focus. I discuss HAM radio, SDR, QRP modes, Digital modes when running portable. I am a General Class licensed HAM radio operator.

I’m a successful software architect and have built many enterprise systems. I also have an open-source social media app Brax.Me

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Where to Start Preparedness Preparation? Step 1 Part 1

Where do I start preparing? Exactly how do I begin preparing? Those are 2 generally asked concerns as well as both have benefit. Look, it can look like an overwhelming job; yet with guidance as well as excellent details you will have no worry achieving your readiness goals. When you load your tool box with the appropriate tools you will certainly get on the road my pals; my job will be to offer you those tools! Allow’s begin!

What Qualifies As a Financial Crisis – Causes of Financial Crisis

The onset of the financial crisis in 2008 has produced many situations regarding how it will certainly pan out for fiat currency economic situations as their currencies begin to collapse causing massive devaluation, severe difficulty, violent food riots, and also dangerous civil unrest. Deficiency costs for reckless federal governments, doubtful company techniques particular of bankers, and also inadequate performance combined by extortionate charges regular of financial investment institutions have actually all triggered numerous financial bubbles which inevitably collapse leaving the consumer much poorer as well as the perpetrators much richer. It is important to dramatically transform one’s means of dealing with financial savings as well as investments in order to stay clear of being slaughtered. Do not delay any type of more! Begin getting prepared currently, for it will certainly be also late once the climax has been reached.

5 Secrets to Preparedness

When calamity strikes are you prepared for what’s coming your way? You require to prepare in advance to make life simpler when you need to leave or get away. In this write-up I will bring you 5 secrets to help you head in the proper direction for your preparedness.

How To Save A Heart Attack Victim Using DRSABCD

DRSABCD is an Emergency treatment phrase to bear in mind the actions to revitalize a non breathing client. They refer to Threat, Action, Send (for assistance), Air passage, Breathing, CPR, Defibrillation. These resuscitation guidelines serve for training purposes. It needs to be kept in mind that during an emergency situation, ought to you fail to remember the private action in DRSABCD, any type of activities taken to revitalize the individual will be far better than none.

What You Must Know About Fire Extinguishers

Your acquisition of a fire extinguisher is more than paying for “just an item.” You require to understand the appropriate usage, just how to choose the best dimension and also the type for the risk to be shielded. You likewise require to recognize why a connection with your neighborhood fire equipment firm is crucial to you.

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