Violent Gangs Cross Border

On this episode of SDN, our panel discusses the flood of gang members exploiting our wide open southern border.

In less than a week, there have been four vicious murders of innocent young Americans, all committed by invaders. Most of whom have a connection to gangs and organized crime.

The garbage mayor of sanctuary city Athens GA held a press conference today and said there’s no connection between invaders and crime. He is so full of 💩. These types of politicians are traitors and need to be called out and voted out.

Before low information, low IQ people make comments on how Trump and the GOP are responsible for the horrendous state of our border, take your head out of your 🫏. Obama/Biden nuked ALL of the Trump policies (like remain in Mexico) that were responsible for significantly reducing the influx of invaders.

The Democrats and their globalist puppet masters are purposely flooding America with third world criminals to destroy America from within.

That’s not to mention that the establishment was unwilling to invest a measly $5B to build Trump’s wall, but have sent hundreds of billions of dollars to their money laundering buddies in Ukraine.

TSA airport vs southern border

Darien Gap

San Diego Release #1

San Diego Release #2

Invaders being unloaded from buses

Jim Jordan Chinese Nationals

Democrat Party


Britain pedophiles


Laken Riley murder GA
[URL TO Breitxxxx REMOVED, YouTube would not allow it]]

Probation for raping a 14 year old

NYPD attacked

More NYC violence



Heist and drugs

Migrant cop killer sues because he doesn’t speak English

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