What to Look For in a Knife | TJack Survival

Selecting a knife depends greatly on your environment, your “mission”, and your personal preferences. In this video, Tyler goes through his process for knife selection, what he looks for, and what he avoids. Be sure to watch this before you buy your next knife!

Learn more about Rod Garcia and the Skookum Bush Tool here: https://youtu.be/Hz9Zz3gIuG0?t=85

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How To Acquire Survival Information And Knowledge

They claim “Expertise is power”! However a lot more significantly in an actually bad all-natural disaster or crisis situation, information might quite possibly be the distinction between life and fatality.

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The air-raid alarm wails in the night. It’s scream is one of raucous disgust as well as rage. You don’t recognize what to do except obtain your family members to security.

Survival Gear – 6 Key Tools for an All-Purpose Pack

There is never any kind of harm in having a properly prepared collection of survival gear. Taking the time to produce a pack ready for an emergency, a natural calamity, or simply for the major difficulties of sturdy outside task is a very useful possession. Info as well as knowledge about circumstances will make you much more aware regarding what equipment you could need, along with preparing your devices effectively.

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