Winter Bushcraft cooking.. Beef over a Camp Fire….. in the Bush

In this video I cook up some delicious beef-ka-bobs, over o crackling fire in the middle of a swamp. Just 20 minutes of beautiful country, sizzling fat and tender beef. Topped with a lot of silence, campfire sounds, nature sounds and a bit of music.

Establish a “No Zone” For Your Protection

Where is Your “No Zone”? A “No Zone” is a defensive technique within your house that puts a fictional boundary that can not be gone across by a burglar without dangerous force being applied.

Reloading and Building Your Own Ammunition is an Important Part of Prepping

For any kind of major prepper refilling ammunition is a key element of prepping. This is the most efficient method of producing enough ammo to provide their demands now as well as after WROL starts. Do not disregard this really essential facet of prepping.

Survival – Are You and Your Family Prepared?

92% of Americans having survived an all-natural disaster say they are not planned for the next one. 48% of Americans do not have emergency situation products.

Short Range Personal Defense Options For Emergencies

Brief variety is anything under 25 yards. This does include hand-to-hand. As frightening as this seems you need to plan for this kind of experience. This is the most harsh as well as life harmful facet of self protection, You will be checking into the eyes of your aggressor. You should be fully gotten ready for this. Your life is at risk.

Mid Range Personal Defense Options for Emergencies

For our functions here we define mid variety as 25 – 100 backyards. Some will say that this is really close variety yet you need to bear in mind that we are discussing non-military individuals. Much less than 100 backyards is close sufficient that you might be the victim and also not the predator. How you act can say a whole lot concerning just how you will be approached. If you depict someone that is prepared and also not very easy prey after that you might be missed for easier targets. Being prepared to defend you and also your household is a crucial part of any kind of survival plan. Don’t make on your own an easy target.

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