ALERT: Hackers Target the Grid | Major Cyberattack

An article from wired details a recent major cyberattack that is being called one of the biggest hacks on critical infrastructure in USA history. From the article The Colonial Pipeline Hack Is a New Extreme for Ransomware .

CANADIAN PREPPERS STORE / Premium Survival/ Emergency Equipment

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Beans Bullets and Band-Aids, The Survivalist Mantra.

Beans, bullets as well as band-aids is a quite possibly recognized expression around the survival as well as prepper community. This phrase incorporates the three main points we require to make it through, however what are they?

5 Tips For Preparing For An Emergency

No one likes to believe concerning what would certainly happen if ‘The Big One’ were to strike, or some various other natural calamity. Yet, it’s a truth of life that we require to be prepared. Right here are 5 tips to plan for an emergency.

Hurricane Sandy Has Shut Down State and Federal Governments – A Lot Of Help They Are?

It impresses me just how much that people believe their government will certainly protect them. Our federal government hasn’t done effectively at shielding the American people. They failed to stop 9/11 from taking place, and also our borders are leaking as medications, prairie wolves, and that understands, probably terrorist cells have actually penetrated also. The federal government can not stop a wild fire; they can not quit a Hurricane or a Quake and absolutely not a Tsunami. As a matter of fact, in some cases I believe the Federal Government causes extra troubles, than they do assisting anyone. Let’s speak.

Preconfigured Emergency Preparedness Kits Vs. Homemade Kits

You might not give it much thought however preparing your emergency readiness kits may be the next ideal thing to survival reactions. Emergency situation readiness sets are your family members’s only lifelines during an emergency situation or an all-natural disaster.

5 Types of First Aid Courses

The majority of professions nowadays call for employees to carry out an initial help program as component of their training. Nevertheless, not all staff members need to sign up in the very same sort of training course, as different work environments may have various emergency treatment training needs. Read listed below to find out more about the different kinds of very first help training courses that exist, as well as who need to join them.

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