Building an outhouse at a remote off-grid wilderness camp

My wife Brooke and I build an out house at our remote wilderness camp in the back country of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We are completely off grid here at camp. So, we have to use a generator and do all the digging by hand.

Every camp, cabin, farm and homestead needs to have an outhouse. Its been the best “way to go” for thousands of years. In this video we’ll show you ONE way to go about building an old-school outhouse.

Dave Whipple

10 Reasons You Must Have a Pellet Rifle in Your Prep Supplies

Modern pellet rifles are not child’s playthings. They are powerful, dangerous precise to small game as well as silent to make use of. For these reasons as well as even more a pellet rifle is a vital part of any preparation plan. Right here are my leading 10 reasons you have to include a pellet rifle in your preparation plan.

Be Diverse With Your Long-Term Food Storage

Never ever position all of your food storage space plans right into one basket. Doing so limits your capability to conquer all the emergencies that you could encounter. Some emergency situations leave you with the ability to prepare foods while others get rid of whatever except the container of food in your hand. You should be all set for all types of catastrophes.

All About Fire And Costumes

Fire safety and security is a crucial aspect when it concerns costumes. As a result of this, you ought to be cautious of the costumes that you acquire. To be secure, you ought to need to do the following: Take notice of the fabric The outfit comes to be a fire hazard when it’s made from an extremely combustible material. To be on the secure side, you should go with one made from a fire resistant material.

Surviving Snake Bites In The Outdoors

Serpent bite survival in the outdoors. Clinical recommendations, dos and do n’ts.

Survival Tips – How To Build The Best Bug Out Bag

Find out exactly how to build the most effective pest out bag and also know the difference in between the typically described ‘Insect Out Bag’, ‘Obtain Residence Bag’ and your ‘Everyday Carry Gear’. Think about it this means, in the event of a disaster, your daily lug gear obtains you where you are to your get house bag. Your get house bag obtains you to your bug out bag. And your bug out bag is created to keep you safe for a prolonged time period.

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