HARVESTRIGHT Freeze Dryer Hacks Volume 2// Tray stackers, Teflon liners, Kill-a-watt Meter

Today we are going into uncharted territory, AGAIN. Today, we are sharing some Harvestright freeze dryer Hacks (Volume 2). The Harvestright is an incredible machine, but with these 6 hacks, it becomes even better. I show you how to:
HACK #1// How to make a funnel for your freeze dried food using the food saver and bags
Foodsaver — https://amzn.to/3o8h3jf
11″ x 50′ roll — https://amzn.to/3pERPJF
HACK #2// Teflon tray liner mats for easy clean up (also reusable)
HACK #3// Rechargeable fan to keep your pump running cool⛄
HACK #4// Kill-a-watt Meter to monitor your kilowatt hours and electricity usage
HACK #5// Tray Stackers that save room in your deep freeze and allow you to transport lots of trays
HACK #6// Take advantage of all of the FREE resources available to you (educate yourself)

This is the 2nd of several Harvestright Hacks videos. Stay tuned for more.

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