How to Not Die Out There…

How to not die in the woods in winter, it can and probably will happen to you the way things are going!

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3 Simple Things You Need To Survive 2012

Possibly you have actually read about the news, reports or cases that the end of the globe is coming this 2012. The exact day is stated to be December 21, 2012. There was also a huge film made based upon that. If you aren’t knowledgeable about this particular end ofthe world forecast, it got its roots from the Mayan prophecy in which their expensive schedule is declared to end on that day discussed earlier. This got a number of people thinking that it’s when the world takes its bow.

Using a Zippo Lighter As a Survival Tool

Zippo Lighters have many more uses than just lighting cigarettes or stogies. Yes, I had my questions however transforms out the famous Zippo absolutely functions as a great survival an outside device.

Wilderness Survival Guide – These 3 Things Must Be Included Or You Will Die

A wild survival guide can save your life, however not if it doesn’t include these three necessary phases. When it occurs, as well as you’re ultimately actually in a life-or-death situation, your brain may stop working, and without a real wild survival guide, all that stuff you believed you recognized can leave you up the river without a paddle.

2012 Survival Guide Review – Why I Have to Get It!

I have constantly battled the thought of fatality. It is terrible, black and haunting. Although I like to live my life to the maximum, sometimes the thought of unexpected fatality ponders on my mind for so long that it starts killing right into my great times. No, I am not speaking here around simply some spiritual awakening; instead I am telling you just how really I got my confidence to live again with the 2012 Survival Overview.

Top 5 Tips for Emergency Water Storage

Catastrophe preparedness professional exposes the top 5 ideas for emergency water storage. Prevent the mistakes and myths bordering emergency water treatment.

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