How to Organize Your Freeze Dried Food & Setting Up Your Workspace

How do you organize your freeze dried food? If you have been freeze drying for a while or you have done more than 10 cycles in the freeze dryer, you are quickly realizing that you are going to run out of storage room for your freeze dried food. If you properly set up your workspace for freeze drying and you organize your freeze dried food efficiently using the tips in today’s video, you can maximize your space and get the most freeze dried food possible in your freeze drying area.

For the stainless steel prep tables I use, go to:
These come in many different sizes and variants

For the metal shelving units with casters, go to:

For the pegboard similar to what I use:

For the Rubbermaid 18 gallon totes I use, go to:
This is for a 12 pack, but will at least get you on the right track. These come in many different sizes, but I prefer the 18 gallon by Rubbermaid