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7 Important Steps To Prepare Your Chickens For Fall And Winter

Prepare your chickens for colder temperatures This time of year it is important to begin preparing your chickens and your coop for colder weather.  In the Midwest, the popularity of…

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How To Mouse Proof Your Home For Winter

It is important to mouse proof your home. As the weather gets colder, mice are trying to find places to stay warm. You don’t have to live next to a…

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Maximizing Your Solar Generator During Winter Power Outages

By maximizing your solar generator, you can ensure that you will be completely prepared for anything that a winter storm may throw at you. If you go far enough back…

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6 Dirt-Cheap, Ingenious Ways To Water Animals During Winter

animals Watering animals in the winter can be a huge headache for both small-scale homesteaders and large-scale farmers, especially if you’re off-grid. Certain animals, like dairy cows, need lots of…

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The 6 Best Ways To Boost Egg Production During Winter

Egg Production 1. Plenty of  Good Light Chickens need at least 14 hours of daylight in a day to trigger their internal clocks to lay. By supplementing light, as is…

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4 Hidden Dangers Of Winter That Can Kill You

hidden dangers of winter Even for the seasoned outdoorist, it’s good to review wintertime safety protocols so that they are fresh in your mind. Too often we become relaxed, believing…

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6 Easy Ways To Prevent Your Pipes From Freezing (And What To Do If You Fail)

Frozen Pipes One of the biggest issues during winter are water pipes freezing and possibly bursting. Frozen pipes can be a serious problem if they do burst and — depending…

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DIY Warm Winter Blankets Anyone Can Make

DIY Warm Winter Blankets Anyone Can Make As the winter temperature drops far below freezing, many people start to get out their thicker blankets and perhaps add a throw or…

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Critical Preps For Spring Storms

Spring Storms are upon us. The spring storm season is here, and for thousands of people in the United States, that means time to start preparing the homestead. It is…

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5 Forgotten Things Grandma Did With Dandelions

Dandelions aren’t just weeds In today’s world, people want everything to be neat, tidy and uniform – including their yards. The grass, we’re told, should be one smooth, green carpet….