Retired at 40 Live Life Simple —Our new Introduction Video

Howdy Freeze Dryers, homesteaders, preppers, farmers, gardeners and those who like to lead a simpler life. Here at Live. Life. Simple. we enjoy all of those things and want to invite you to our community. So on behalf of all of us, WELCOME!

If you would like to learn more about us and the things we talk about and are interested in follow these links:

We started a store for freeze dryer accessories

We talk a lot about freeze drying, Here is the company that makes ours

Your food storage plan is not complete without a chamber vacuum sealer We use the AVID ARMOR USV32!
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Many of the products I use and love can be found at my Amazon Store!

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Surviving a Disaster, Prepare a Survival Kit For Your Children

Just how prepared are your youngsters in case of a natural disaster? Prepare a survival kit for them and also increase their possibilities considerably.

Make Your Plans to Deal With a Blackout – 7 Essential Tips You Need to Know Now!

In our present society, individuals typically take it for granted that electrical energy to their homes will always be offered to run their Televisions fridges freezer as well as cooling units, till the moment comes that the lights have headed out. Our society is not prepared to take care of long-term power failures as well as must come to be more familiar with the exposure. These ideas will certainly assist you prepare for the possible situation and also keep you in advance of the mayhem as well as panic of your neighbors …

How to Make and Use a First Aid Kit

A first help kit is vital for every family and also there needs to be one at an obtainable area. When a person is harmed badly, locating all the important things that you require in one single box is a time conserving and convenient thing to have.

Your Medical Library

If we need to evacuate our homes as well as live in a pest out atmosphere for an amount of time it is extremely unlikely that we will certainly have the high-end of our typical clinical professionals. Because of this it will certainly be totally our own obligation to react to any kind of kind of clinical emergency situation that might emerge. The question I wish to present to you is are your as much as that?

Survival on Snow Keeps Your Body Off Ice!

Patrick Youthful once estimated: “The problem with weather forecasting is that it’s best too typically for us to neglect it as well as wrong frequently for us to depend on it.” As well as when it comes to snow storms, they constantly strike you when the very least expect it, so finding out these snow survival skills currently can settle majorly later on.

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