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Our Ultimate EDC Survival Kit consists of everyday carry, urban and wilderness survival items packed into a Vanquest EDCM Husky pouch. This kit is perfect for anyone looking to always have an all encompassing and comprehensive survival kit with them at all times without having to carry a budget bugout bag or EDC bag.

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Get the checklist for our edc bugout kit here: https://www.bugoutchannel.com

Survival Radio: 5 Critical Concerns And Why HAM Radio Is The Only Answer

Want to remain in touch with your loved ones in the center of a storm? Well, if you are thinking concerning using your reliable cell phone or FRS or GMRS survival radios, after that reconsider.

These 4 Critical Communications Tools In Your Survival Kit Will Help You Survive A Grid Breakdown

Miles Davis when said that there are only 2 type of music … good as well as bad. With catastrophe survival packages it coincides thing. There are good ones as well as negative ones.

SURVIVAL RADIO: Avoid Disaster And Decide On A Survival Radio in 15 Minutes

The phone lines and the web are down. Currently what?

Most Durable Flashlight: These 3 Models Guarantee You’ll Never Go Without Light

Its one point to have a solid flashlight. Yet if you drop it and also it damages, then you’ve obtained nothing.

Long Range Survivor Radio: Antenna Range And GMRS Repeater Capable Radios

Recently a buddy of mine was telling me regarding walkie talkies. He was telling me that they had series of 25-30 miles.

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