Surviving Mann | Episode 3

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Survival Dispatch and Big Daddy Unlimited have partnered with American Stories Entertainment to bring you, Surviving Mann!

What is Surviving Mann?
Hosted by Don Mann, Seal Team 6 Special Forces veteran and New York Times best-selling author, Surviving Mann is a totally unique type of “shoot house” challenge.

Thirty-two contestants from all walks of life fight it out in a 21st-century high-tech special ops training center to see who gets to challenge Don in the ultimate survival competition.
Which contestant will win the season-long competition? Will the champion beat Don Mann? You’ll have to tune in to see!

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Hyperinflation Warning: Why Food Prices Will Be Rising Even Faster in 2012

Americans don’t like inflation, but they have virtually obtained made use of to it. Nevertheless, in 2012 we will certainly see inflation like we’ve never seen it previously. Is this just fear-mongering? Let’s take a look at the truths:

Earthquake Survival Skills

Amongst natural disasters, earthquakes are some of one of the most destructive. They are sensations that arise from the pressures in between the structural plates that make up the planet’s crust as well as might vary in intensity from small tremblings to strident shocks that topple structures, stimulate tsunamis, and remove lava from the earth’s mantle.

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Just how prepared are you today to survive a disaster? Have you considered what you require to be prepared for an emergency situation? Now is the best time to examine exactly how well prepared you are to survive an all-natural disaster or a man-made occasion. Envision damaged roads have actually reduced off access to you, your electrical power runs out service, your residential water resource is infected and communication systems are interfered with. Under these problems are you prepared to make it through for a minimum of three days by yourself?

Foot Riots in America? 3 Reasons to Watch Out in 2012

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