VIDEO: How to Make a Bowl From Tree Bark

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Until you don’t have one, you don’t think about the importance of something as simple as a container. Do you need to gather some berries or other delicate wild edibles? Your pockets don’t work very well. Do you need to disassemble your pocket knife for cleaning, but you don’t want to lose small parts? A container sure would come in handy. And, of course, there’s the obvious need to boil water to make sure it doesn’t do more harm than good. You definitely need a container for that.

In this video, Jason shows us how to fashion a tree bark container that can be used for a host of things with nothing but a sharp knife and some skill.

Once completed, you can heat rocks in a fire, carefully transport them to the water inside the container, and bring the water to boil to kill off anything that might cause you gastrointestinal distress.


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